Get Started with Fleet Electrification

Electrify your fleet today with our end-to-end electric-Mobility-as-a-Service (eMaas) solutions. See immediate reductions in your carbon footprint and improvements in your bottom line.


Decarbonisation Assessment

We analyze your fleet mobility needs, operational profiles and patterns to identify and define your transition strategy.

Financial Analysis

Discover the cost-savings potential and understand the total cost of ownership when you switch your fleet to EVs.

Environmental Impact Analysis

We help you quantify the environmental benefits of your fleet electrification. Compare your carbon emissions before and after electrification, and effectively communicate the outcomes with your stakeholders.


We help you navigate the diverse array of EV and charging infrastructure options for the most optimised solution that suit your operational needs.

Chart your path to a sustainable fleet future with a wide range of EVs catering to various operational profiles and requirements.
We empower you with spatial planning and deployment strategies for EV charging infrastructure for the smoothest transition to a fully electric fleet.


Achieve agility and resilience with our composable digital platform. Expand your business capabilities easily with modular blocks to build the most powerful system customized to your needs.
Orchestrate your operations with data and make better decisions with our AI-enabled digital services. Improve fleet operations and reduce costs with data analytics and machine learning to provide insights into driving patterns, vehicle maintenance needs, and charging infrastructure utilization.


Measure the impact of your fleet transformation and take stock of your progress. Sharpen and optimize your strategy to gain a competitive edge in sustainability and operational efficiency.

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