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ORIGIN Exterminators

With science and innovation at the heart of its operations, ORIGIN Exterminators is the first pest management company in the world to be awarded ISO 14001EMS certification for environmental responsibility, encouraging responsible use of chemicals and applying science in its approach to pest management. ORIGIN was established with the belief that pest management should have minimal impact on the environment and the ecosystem. CEO of ORIGIN Mr Winston Baptista sums it up perfectly, “Sustainability should underscore everything that we do because we are in the business of protecting the environment.”

Recently, ORIGIN kickstarted the conversion of its entire fleet to electrical vehicles (EVs). Electrifying the company’s fleet came as a no-brainer to ORIGIN: EVs are better for the planet and lighter on the wallet in terms of lower energy and maintenance costs. Most importantly, EV telematics enable the collection and analysis of data that greatly enhance driver performance and operational efficiency of a fleet. Functions like route optimization, decarbonisation planning, battery management, vehicle maintenance management, and more enable ORIGIN to operate at a higher efficiency level which contributes further to reducing its carbon footprint.

ORIGIN chose to partner EVCo because it sees the start-up as a forerunner in the sustainability business. The powerful combination of EVs and an integrated digital platform is a clear winner to ORIGIN. With ECVo, ORIGIN not only obtains cost-effective EVs, but can also seamlessly integrate data-driven operating systems to its own. This brings ORIGIN even closer to achieving its decarbonisation goals in one fell swoop. 

Above all, adopting sustainable solutions, such as using minimal chemicals and maintaining a green fleet, is not just a moral imperative for ORIGIN. It is a business imperative too. 


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