EVCo in Lianhe Zaobao

EVCo‘s Chief Executive Officer, Fuji Foo speaks to Singapore National Chinese broadsheet Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 and shares how businesses should take a strategic and forward looking approach, and leverage electric mobility and digitalisation to become a sustainable business, increase productivity and manage their costs.

Key highlights of his interview:

  • Businesses must change their mindset, and understand how decarbonising mobility and digitalisation can bring them a competitive advantage, drive sustainable growth.
  • EVCo’s integrated mix of electric mobility and digital solutions can help businesses expand their customer base, grow their revenue.
  • Beyond Singapore, EVCo is also focused on overseas expansion, with the aim to help more businesses become more efficient, and grow their revenue through digitalisation and mobility electrification.

To this end, Singapore will slowly phase out vehicles using diesel and petrol. Let’s work towards a greener, cleaner future for all.

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