Measure the impact of your fleet transformation and take stock of your progress.

Gain full control of your assets.

Asset Intelligence


Save cost by improving the utilisation of charging points and vehicles. Using AI & predictive analytics to optimize charging strategy for entire fleet.

Eliminate guesswork installation of charging points through thorough site analysis conducted by us.


Generate insightful reports regarding vehicle usage and charging point utilization rate. Using statistical algorithm to derive vehicle optimal reorder point and reorder quantity.

Operation Intelligence

Streamline your Business Operations & Going for Green


AI For Route Optimization

Free yourself from mundane manual allocation of routes. We provide the best routes based on our optimization algorithm, taking into account task scheduling, EV charging speed, battery life and live map updates. Complement recommendation with driver profile.


AI For Situational Awareness

Utilise the power of simulation and sensitivity analysis to make the best decision for your operation. Real-time sensory data provided to help you better track and monitor your EV and drivers.


AI For Sustainability

Realise your net-zero strategy with us. Integrate AI with your assets management to generate actionable insights which help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Do more , with less.

Resource Intelligence


Right people at the right place via AI task or route optimization. Avoid unplanned stoppages using our accurate range anxiety prediction.

Resource Optimization

Optimize manpower deployment and vehicle allocation with data-driven decision making