Capitalize on the data capabilities made possible by an electric fleet. Digitize your operations and accelerate productivity using actionable insights powered by our composable digital platform and AI-enabled EV digital services.

Digitize operations & accelerate productivity


Composable Digital Platform

Achieve agility and resilience with our composable digital platform. Expand your business capabilities easily with modular blocks to build the most powerful system customized to your needs.

EV Digital Services

Orchestrate your operations with data and make better decisions with our AI-enabled digital services. Improve fleet operations and reduce costs with data analytics and machine learning to provide insights into driving patterns, vehicle maintenance needs, and charging infrastructure utilization.

Composable Digital Platform

The future of business is composable. Architect your business for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty with our composable digital platform.

Modular digital services
layered in cloud environment

EV Digital Services


Digital modules are agnostic, flexible to use for any industries or domains.


Multiple data sources across industries are collected and analysed in our EV eco-system to generate insights for Asset, Operation , Resource perspective with sustainability in mind.


Apply AI and machine learning algorithm to derive and deliver advanced insights, offer recommendations for decision making.